2023 Henry Hyde Award from the American Catholic Press

2023 Henry Hyde Award from the American Catholic Press

The Do It Stevie’s Way 219 foundation is honored to receive the 2023 Henry Hyde Award from the American Catholic Press. This recognition is a testament to the enduring impact of Stevie’s legacy, which resonates profoundly within our communities, thanks to the unwavering commitment and vision of Karen and Mark. Without the support of dedicated family and friends this would not be possible. Please help us continue our journey by always Doing it Stevie’s Way!

2023 Thanksgiving for Stevie

The 2023 Thanksgiving for Stevie was hosted at Cork & Kerry’s on Friday, November 24th. It was a heartwarming gathering filled with gratitude and fond memories. Friends and family got together and enjoyed food and drinks provided by Joey’s Red Hots and Calogero’s. The event was truly special, not only embracing the Thanksgiving spirit but also paid a heartfelt tribute to Stevie’s enduring legacy. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us for this meaningful gathering.

2023 All-Stars and Skills Competition

2023 All-Star Skills Competition and Home Run Derby

The 2023 All-Star Skills Competition and Home Run Derby happened on Tuesday, July 11th, at Ozinga FIeld in Crestwood, Illinois. Thank you to everyone who came out or helped us sell tickets!

This event was part of the Frontier League’s 2023 All-Star Game July 10-12th, hosted by the Windy City Thunderbolts. Four teams competed in five events, each represented by a local charity. The Do It Stevie’s Way 219 Foundation team included two former Stevie Tournament Award winners, Chase Dawson and Jarrod Watkins.

2022 Steven Bajenski Memorial Baseball Tourney

2022 Do It’s Stevie’s Way Tournament Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 DISW Tournament award winners! 

Lemont- Conor Murray 

Mt. Carmel- Colin Small 

Lyons Township – Jack McNamara 

Marian Catholic – Ezra Essex 

Providence- Tyler Young 

Hinsdale Central- Blake Edmonds 

Marist- Cal Sefcik 

Homewood Flossmoor- Dillon Head 

Brother Rice- Jack Lausch 

Andrean- Jax Kalemba 

St. Rita- Joey Smith 

Carl Sandburg- Jack Liskiewick 

Lockport- Lucas Pajean 

St. Laurence- Jameson Martin

Chicago Automobile Trade Association Donates $1,500 to Do It Stevie’s Way Foundation

The Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA), Chicagoland’s new-car dealer association, recently donated $1,500 to the Do It Stevie’s Way Foundation. The donation came via the CATA’s Chicagoland Dealers Care program in conjunction with a $4,000 donation by Tinley Park-based Apple Chevrolet. Through Chicagoland Dealers Care, the CATA matches up to $1,500 of a member dealer’s donation to local charitable organizations.

2019 Do It Stevie’s Way Tourament Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 DISW award winners! 

Andrean- Micheal Doolin 

Marist- Max Malley 

Mt Carmel- Ed Howard 

Lockport- Ryan Moerman 

St Rita- Brendan Carrane 

De LaSalle- Rocco Arcieri 

Providence- Bryce Barnett 

Lemont- Bobby Wisz 

St Laurence- Jake Vera 

OPRF- Luke Fitzgerald 

Sandburg- Ian Sanders 

Marian- Jordan Smevoli 

HF- Jacob Schroeder 

Montini- Micheal Koszewski 

Brother Rice- Kendall Pettis 

Lyons- Justin Malpede 

2018 Do It Stevie’s Way Tourament Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 DISW Tournament award winners!

Cangelosi-Sparks Scholarship Winner 

Branden Comia 

Sandburg High School 

Steven M Bajenski Tournament 

Scholarship Winner

Easton Tally

Lemont High School

2018 Opening Round Games

    3/16 4:30p          Montini defeated St. Rita 5 – 4       

    4/20 4:30p          TBC*** St. Laurence vs Lyons 2 – 1 (6th inn)

    4/13 4:30p          Providence Catholic defeated Marian Catholic 3 – 2

    4/13 4:30p          Oak Park River Forest defeated Marist 12 – 1

    4/18 4:30p          Brother Rice defeated Lockport 9 – 3

    4/21 10:00a        Sandburg defeated Lemont 6 – 2

    5/2    4:30p         Mount Carmel defeated  Andrean 7 – 3  

Second Round Games

    5/16 6:00p        St. Rita defeated Lemont 13 – 3       

    5/17 5:30p        Marian Catholic defeated St Laurence 2 – 0 

    5/17 7:30p        Marist defeated Sandburg 3 – 0

    5/17 5:30p        Mount Carmel defeated Montini 10 – 1 

    5/17 7:30p        Providence Catholic defeated Andrean 6 – 3

    5/17 5:30p        Lockport defeated OPRF 5 – 2 

    5/17 7:30p        Lyons defeated Brother Rice 5 – 0

Tournament Seeding / Third Round Games

#1 Mount Carmel, #2 Providence, #3 Lyons, #4 Marian

#5 St. Laurence, #6 Sandburg, #7 OPRF, #8 St. Rita, #9 Brother Rice,

#10 Marist, #11 Lockport, #12 Montini, #13 Andrean, #14 Lemont

    5/18 4:15p        Mount Carmel defeated St. Rita  3 – 1        

    5/18 6:15p        St. Laurence defeated Marian 7 – 3 

    5/18 5:30p        OPRF defeated Providence 3 – 2 

    5/18 8:30p        Sandburg defeated Lyons 6 – 3  

    5/18 5:30p        Brother Rice defeated Lemont 7 – 6 

    5/18 7:45p        Marist defeated Andrean 12 – 2 

    5/18 7:30p        Lockport defeates Montini 4 – 3 

Fourth Round Games 

    5/19 10:00a      Mount Carmel vs St Laurence at Standard Bank        

    5/19 1:00p        St Rita vs Marian Catholic at Standard Bank 

    5/19 4:30p        Providence vs Lyons at Standard Bank 

    5/19 9:30a        Brother Rice vs Marist at Joliet Stadium 

    5/19 11:45a      OPRF vs Sandbury at Joliet 

    5/19 9:30a        Andrean vs Montini at Wheaton College 

    5/19 11:45a      Lockport vs Lemont at Wheaton College

   Championship Game 

Sandburg defeats St Laurence  6 – 0 

Congrats to the Eagles!!!

2018 Do It Stevie’s Way Tourney Champions